Friday, May 11, 2012


Contributed by Mariyam Khan

People rant about a lot of stuff.
Much of which is useless.
I’ll join this list.
I’ll rant about visual pollution of sorts.

Here’s my issue:
I can’t see the sunrise
Or the sea for that matter

Now you’d probably be going: so bloody well what?
Yeah, I know, people’ve got bigger issues to deal with.
But, heck, won’t you feel a teensy bit happier if a small part of your world was perfect?

The view from the Karachi beach is mesmerizing. And the sunrise…God, there aren’t enough words to describe the picture it paints. I see one of God’s most beautiful miracles every morning when I leave for school. It’s just amazing.
You can see the sun peeking out from the horizon or the clouds splayed across the never-ending sky.
The sight of the sea cheers you up, especially when you’re in a sour mood, early morning or you’ve got nothing better to do than look out of your car window,.

But you know what?
Those tankers came and blocked my view.
I mean, the WHOLE coastline is freaking blocked by 15 feet of tankers just STANDING there doing NOTHING!
I can not see the sea anymore.
Alright so there’s this wall along the coastline (God knows why) but it has these square holes in it, so you can at least get a glimpse of the sea, and be all happy.
But now the tankers have completely blocked my view!
Talk about aesthetic beauty. With the entire road littered with tanker-walon ke urzay purzay you wouldn’t even want to stand there (and try to be a part of the universe or observe nature or whatever) or even take a deep breath just for the heck of it, because you will inhale air that smells disgustingly like burnt tires, among other stuff.
So with no sea to cheer you up, you’ll probably be in a grouchy mood all day (unless you’re, like, hardwired to remain happy or something)
So yeah.
I wish I had the power to remove all of these tankers from an area that is meant for people to live in peace, a residential area. Or had a giant crane to pick each one of the tankers and throw them some place else, far away from here. Or to have the roads rid of the double-parked tankers. And just have this area cleaned of the peelay peelay keeray.
But I don’t.
And those who do have the power, haven’t really done anything.
With this ends my rant. Thank you for bearing with me.

Note: the writer is an annoyed resident of Clifton Block 1, where hundreds of Oil Tankers have been illegally parked, posing a threat to humanity, transport and nature in general.


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