Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shi'a representative - Press Conference for Ashura blast


This is a press conference called for the blast on Ashura. This might surprise a few people but the fact is that the Shi'a community looks for peace too. A band of people up for a religious duty burning down the area with 10 mins? Does that even make sense to you? Isn't it way too obvious that there resides a third-party that wishes to tarnish the image of this community and destroy the peace of the nation? They were busy helping out their injured brothers and sisters. Didn't we learn anything from our history? The terrorist groups are using the same old British phenomena 'Divide and rule'. Weakening our nation even further by dividing us through sparking a conflict between the two sects.
The representative highlights another key fact that the figures never included an all-Shia toll but it also includes the names of Sunnis affected by the bomb blasts.

Another fact that needs to be highlighted is that Abdul Razzaq, a ranger, needs to be given a huge credit as he tackled the suicide bomber down and didn't let him enter the main area of procession. If it wasn't him, the number of injured people and dead bodies would have been more.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ashura blast in Karachi

Unrest in parts of Karachi, dozens of vehicles torched
KARACHI: A powerful bomb blast occurred in the mourning procession being taken out in connection with the Yaum-e-Ashur, Geo News reported Monday.

The blast occurred in the front part of the central mourning procession near Denso Hall at Jamia Cloth Market triggering stampede. The security forces are appealing to the people to stay calm.

The ambulances soon arrived on the blast site and injured are being shifted to the nearby hospital. The emergency has been declared in all hospitals of the city.

The organizers stressed that they will complete the route the procession and will end it as per previously set scheduled.
It all began from suicide bombings in mosques, when the Muslims didn't gave up praying they started targeting students, maybe, a political base to backtrack the enlightening youth of Pakistan. When nothing seem to stop the ever-spirited nation the terrorists decided to come up with a plan that unravels the peace of the city by bombing a group of people that were on their way to Kharadar for religious proceedings on 10th of Muharram. A way to split and create a rift between two sects, Shi'a and Sunni groups.
After pleas from religious scholars of both the sects, the enraged band of people has calmed down and the proceedings have been resumed and they are on their way to Kharadar.