Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V for Veena

Contributed by Salman Ali Khan

Veena Malik sure knows how to stay in the news. Be it through her stints in the reality TV show Big Boss, her bold photo shoot for Indian magazine FHM or for any other scandal that she's gone through throughout her career, this girl sure knows how to stay in the news all the time.
This time around she was in the news for intentionally hurting another cast member, Vedita Pratap Singh, in a fight sequence for the movie 'Mumbai 125km'. In the scene involving the two, Veena had to pull Vedita by the neck and hit her head on an iron rod. Vedita accused Veena of intentionally banging her head hard against the iron rod that resulted in a forehead injury. As was expected Veena Malik denied these claims and refused to have overacted in the scene. Yes Veena, we all believe you. You didn't do the photo shoot either, did you?